Written by: mela

Posted on: Tuesday 23rd of August 2016 11:31:35 PM

A short poem inspired by the series of events that dance has taken me and many dancers through. Written by Lamia Mela, Shadhona dancer

The lengthening of bodily binds,
Extending owns thoughts into on rigid tension
In a space so confined
A space full of one’s own apprehensions
Exploration; the rhythm resonating in the ears
Muscles and membranes trapped in an oubliette
A space I could be in for years
Extremity sounds as if it’s just one of the fears
In an ocean full of impossibilities
The longings in myself tears
Stretching outwards serenaded by energies
My reasons, aims and tries, my apologies
As the confinement rolls out within the sweats
The throb of my blood, it commemorates
In that space once tensed lacking any yield
The space, expanding and breathing
The space and its halo obliterating worries
The space where cosmic energies are singing
The space I call my sanctuary
Here, I am dancing.

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Lubna Marium
Wednesday 24th of August 2016 04:42:51 PM

Lovely. Enjoyed reading it. Please keep it up.